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Cataract Surgery - Fixed Price

We offer fixed, straightforward prices, so you can rest assured that the price you are provided in your consultation is the price you will pay. Lens replacement and cataract surgery prices include a full treatment plan which is tailored to your needs. Ms Tahmina Pearsall will be your Ophthalmic Surgeon from your first consultation throughout your plan. Our plans include  diagnostic eye tests before and after your surgery and a comprehensive aftercare programme. This includes any appointments you need with us after your treatment, any medication required and any further aftercare should you need it after returning home.


Our Consultations are comprehensive sessions with Ms Tahmina Pearsall that provide an opportunity to meet your Consultant Surgeon, have all your questions answered, complete detailed diagnostic assessments and discuss your individual treatment plan

Glaucoma Treatments


We offer multiple treatment options to treat patients with glaucoma. These include Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, iStentTrabeculectomy, as well as a monitoring service to identify and capture any potential problems related to glaucoma.

Other Treatments


YAG Laser and General Eye Procedures 

Further Diagnostic Tests

During your consultations, you may need to have tests that are charged additionally, most commonly to decide the health of the optical nerve, the cornea and your peripheral vision.

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