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Thank you for considering myself for your eye care. My name is Ms Tahmina Pearsall and I have the pleasure to welcome you to my practice. Let me first introduce myself I am an experienced Consultant Ophthalmologist based in one of the top London teaching hospitals. Feedback from my patients has informed me that they appreciate the warmth, the professional integrity, and open communication that define my medical practice. I’m determined to help my patients understand their own health so they can be well informed when making important health decisions. 

I know how important the quality of care and outcomes are to you and want to assure you that your are are in good hands. My team and I are dedicated to supporting you throughout your patient journey. Consultations and Surgery are now offered in East London and near Gatwick. I have completed over 20,000 procedures and have a very low complication rate in cataract surgery - with Posterior Capsule Tear rate of 0.2% compared to published rates of around 2%. Audited results of glaucoma surgical outcomes comparable to peer reviewed published data with over 90% success rate at 1 year.

My Patient Feedback

Patient satisfaction is very important to me and my team as it enables us to learn and continue doing the things that matter the most to our patients, thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to provide this valuable input

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